Rheumatology & Osteoporosis

Fracture Liaison Service (FLS)

Our Goal:  Fracture treatment and prevention!

Two million bone breaks occur every year due to osteoporosis
  • 5,500 fractures every day;  1 fracture every 15 seconds
One fragility fracture raises the risk of another fracture!
  • People with a spine fracture have 5x the risk for future spine fracture and 2x the risk of hip fracture.
Before breaking a hip, more than half of hip fracture patients suffer an osteoporosis related fracture at another skeletal site:
  • Vertebral compression fracture
  • Height loss more than 2 inches
  • Low trauma fracture of wrist or ankle
  • Broken bone due to fall from standing height

Good news:     Fractures Can Be Prevented

Everyone with a fragility fracture needs an evaluation for osteoporosis:
  • Bone density testing
  • Comprehensive review of medical history and use of medications
  • Review of dietary sources of calcium with personalized bone nutrition plan
  • Laboratory testing to look for treatable causes of osteoporosis
  • Prescription medication targeted to improve bone density and decrease risk of next fracture
Partner with our Fracture Liaison Service.  We will coordinate with your medical team to decrease your risk of skeletal fractures


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